Recruiting salespeople

Minda Sales Match is an easy and efficient tool for the challenges of sales recruitment!

The key to a successful recruitment is finding the right salesperson for exactly your company. This is possible when we utilize our unique solution based on your company’s ideal salesperson profile to support recruitment.

The human factors of the applicants predict success demonstrably better than employment history.

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It has been nearly impossible to identify salespeople´s suitability to saleswork – we will solve this problem

Utilize the information and understanding of the human factors of salespeople in order to find more success in recruitments than before and avoid making expensive mistakes.

The Sales Match -tool includes

Benefits of Sales Match -tool

Where does it all start from?

With the help of our Human Factors in Sales -analysis, we will determine the human factors of the salesperson, create a basis for personal development, and support team leaders in managing salespeople. Read more about our Human Factors in Sales -analysis.

How to develop salespeople?

With the help of our Sales Intelligence -platform, you can develop, monitor, and involve salespeople in order to achieve the best results. Read more about our Sales Intelligence-platform.


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