Individual-based development of salespeople

Our Sales Intelligence -platform enables intelligent and individual-based development of salespeople and development monitoring.

Constant development and the trainings promoting it are supportive and motivating when all the parties can monitor progress easily and effortlessly.

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Developing salespeople will never be the same as it was

Move away from annual classroom trainings to constant development and make sure that your salespeople will get tailored trainings that suit their needs.

MINDA Sales Intelligence enables

Benefits of the Sales Intelligence -platform

Where does it all start from?

With the help of our Human Factors in Sales -analysis, we will determine the human factors of the salesperson, create a basis for personal development, and support team leaders in managing salespeople. Read more about our Human Factors in Sales -analysis.

Are you recruiting?

With the help of our Sales Match -tool, you will utilize in recruitment the ideal profiles of the salespeople in your company in order to make the process as effective as possible and avoid unsuccessful recruitments. Read more about our Sales Match -tool.

How to get started?

The individual-oriented development of salespeople does not require miracles, but a good partner. At Minda, we help you achieve better results. Book an appointment with our expert.

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