We help you to develop your sales performance

Minda offers a completely new operational model for sales management by being the first to combine both the salespeople’s personalities and the company’s true sales data.

As a result, what is created is completely unprecedented data and understanding of the sales performance of your company, i.e. Sales Capital.

Sales Capital is comprised of your salespeople’s sales-affecting competencies and personality traits and the salesperson-specific sales results.

With Minda´s help

You will manage your salespeople better

You will know how to develop your salespeople

You will make better quality recruitments

You will predict your sales more realistically

Sustainable sales performance as end result

MINDA Sales assessment

With MINDA Sales assessment, we will define your personal salesperson profile, i.e. your Sales Capital. Do you know what your strengths as a salesperson are and which qualities you should develop?  Make our assessment and you will know. As a result, you will get a clear and visual report for developing sales performance.

MINDA Sales assessment was born as a result of a lengthy development process and it is largely based on the world-famous Big Five. Big Five is one of the most common, most researched, and the most widely accepted models that portray human personality.

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MINDA Sales Capital analysis

Minda’s unique Sales Capital analysis measures and determines the company’s sales performance. In the analysis, our assessment method, with which we identify salesperson-specific sales-affecting competencies and personality traits, is combined with the company’s true sales data. We add the results to the salespeople’s sales results and create profiles of the ideal salesperson, from the perspective of both the indívidual coaching of salespeople and the recruitment of new salespeople.

Our experts will explain in detail the Sales Capital results to the management, foremen, and salespeople in order to create a base for sustainable sales performance development.

MINDA Current State of Sales analysis

Current State of Sales analysis is for business owners who want to find the challenges and possibilities of their company’s sales performance. When the company has carried out MINDA Sales Capital analysis, the results from it can be combined with the Current State of Sales analysis. This way we can provide you with valuable information on how to best develop sales performance.

In current state of sales analysis, we interview the sales management and the salespeople you have chosen, so that we can obtain a view of sales systematics and sales process with its gaps and improvement potentials. As a result, you will receive a report on how to develop sales performance and what kind of measures will produce the best response to sales performance development.


Minda enables systematic monitoring of development and optimization of coaching whenever the company grows or develops.

Minda’s coaching network includes some of Finland’s top-notch sales coaches and psychologists of which every company is chosen the kind of expert that best meets its needs from the perspective of the company’s  Sales Capital.

Coaching is based on emotional intelligence and Sales Capital. We also utilize digitality and AI in our training.

MINDA Sales Intelligence

MINDA SaaS is a sales management’s  monitoring tool for developing Sales Capital and coaching salespeople. It helps to manage salespeople’s competence by producing individual salesperson-specific paths for developing and monitoring sales performance. In continuous use, the tool is fed with fresh data on a company’s sales on a monthly basis, which makes it possible to monitor the development of the salespeople and their response to individual coaching.

MINDA SaaS is an effective aide for sales management for both developing salespeople and recruiting new ones. The tool enables development of salespeople towards the company’s ideal salesperson profile and, correspondingly, offers a tool for recruitment with which salesperson candidates can be tested from the perspective of the ideal profile.

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