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”Minda has provided us with important added value for already a number of years by bringing more quality to our recruitment process. With Minda´s help, we have succeeded in recognizing better the natural behaviour and potential of our applicant candidates and matching them with just the right kind of work assignments. As the end result, the persons chosen i.a. achieve the objectives set for them better and are satisfied with their work for longer. Ever since Minda´s test tool came into the picture, we have also managed to reduce the number of terminations of employment relationships during trial period and replacement recruitments.”

Juha Haaksluoto

Rainmaker Group

“We have been using Minda as a tool for sales recruitment and front-line work for just under a year. With the help of Minda, it has been easier for us to identify employees’ strengths and development areas, and to build the team in the desired direction. We have been very satisfied with our cooperation so far.”

Riitta Ärling

LähiTapiola Keski-Suomi

Mikko Niemelä contacted us and the way they operate felt just right for us so, in collaboration, we managed to get started easily and within a short timeframe. Sales recruitment is known to be challenging on our market and no ”miracle cure” for finding the right people has been found yet. Therefore, I was positively surprised because based on Minda´s tests, we got extremely good data not only on new applicants, but also the salespeople already working for us. Minda´s tests are an important part of our sales recruitment process, and we have noticed a clear correlation between test results and work performance. We will gladly continue our collaboration also in future.

Mikko Lehtinen

Tagomo Digital Oy Ltd

“A salesperson’s personality already shows in the initial phase of the sales process. Personality affects how the salesperson maps their customers and prepares for a meeting and thus the saleswork itself. Often very little attention is paid to the salesperson’s personality.

With MINDA`s help, we got to see quickly in a new team the salespeople’s personal characteristics combined with the sales figures. With the help of individual training, we were able to focus on those points that the salespeople themselves wanted to change in their actions.
With the data generated by MINDA, we were able to reach the salesperson´s mental seller-self and, more quickly, even better sales results!”

Tiina Appelgren

LähiTapiola Vellamo

We have been MINDA´s clients ever since their first steps and it has been an interesting journey. Salespeople are, as we know, their own personalitites, but how could salespeople and sales be developed through understanding personalities? This dimension in MINDA intrigued us a great deal. With MINDA´s help, we have gained completely new kind of information and understanding of salespeople which has also provided us with a new approach to individual coaching and team management. There has been progress and sales results have also improved. With MINDA´s help we have got an entirely new kind of approach and we are extremely pleased with our cooperation so far.

Johanna Abgottspon

mySafety Oy

Human-centred data-driven management and development is here to stay. It is extemely important to identify and understand salespeople´s personality differences and their impact as a part of sales management. MINDA is the first tool that has been able to produce such an understanding. The data MINDA has produced and their top experts have provided us with new kind of knowledge and know-how for a better and more individual management. With their help, we are able to produce more individual coaching for our salespeople. We started with a pilot with one of our sales teams and we aim to expand cooperation in future.

Kim Ellonen

Bookers Group Oy

With MINDA´s help, we have learned our salespeople´s inherent way to act. The inherent way to act is all the more obvious when it comes to stressful situations. When we understand ourselves and our personality traits better, we can start developing the kind of communications skills and practices necessary in sales that each individual needs. For SME management, it is particularly important to understand the differences between their employees´ personalities, and to take this into account in daily actions and support of persons.

Minna Torkki

Somic Oy

“Minda offers interesting views on defining an ideal profile for a data-oriented company. Combining the company´s own data sources to Minda´s methodology and tool broadens viewpoints. There are many subjective sectors behind success and job satisfaction that we try to support the best that we can. The fact that these sectors are being examined through the combination of data and Minda, helps support individuals and thereby teams, in leading and managing them. Our aim in the future is to diversify and refine, with the help of our data, the entities of development and support of the individual, and also to discover certain correspondencies in order to identify such salespeople profiles that are likely to find their sweet spots in our company.”

Antti Seppälä

Dista Oy

“Minda is so far the easiest-to-read test our salespeople have taken and the results were quite spot-on. Minda’s unique data analysis enabled identifying our current salespeople’s areas for development better than ever before. At the same time, we gained information and understanding of salespeople personalities and why they act the way they do in interaction situations. This way, developing the sales organization will be easier and more effective in future. With Minda’s help, we also gained significant improvement and confidence in sales recruitment.”

Anton Eriksson

Vevex Oy

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