MINDA Sales -test

MINDA Sales test is a test that has been developed to identify sales-affecting personality traits. The test is based on MINDA method which was born as a result of a lengthy development process and is based on the widely known and examined Big Five personality theory. Several thousands of people working in sales have already benefited from taking Minda Sales test.

MINDA Sales test is a psychometric survey tool which measures the four essential competencies relevant to success in saleswork which Sales Capital is composed of:


Empathy describes the natural tendencies to establish and maintain social contacts. In addition to this, empathy measures the tendency to conciliate and cooperate.

Empathy consists of the following traits:

  • Approachable
  • Cooperative
  • Sociable
  • Cheerful


FFocus describes the natural tendencies for goal orientation, staying on track, and looking for solutions. A strong focus helps identify the tipping points for proposing deals and making additional sales.

Focus consists of the following traits:

  • Performance-striving
  • Achievement-motivated
  • Analytical
  • Self-disciplined


Hunger describes the natural tendencies for activity, goal-orientation, courage, and self-confidence. Hunger manifests in saleswork as level of activity, speed, competitiveness, and assertiveness.

Hunger consists of the following traits:

  • Competition-motivated
  • Optimistic
  • Daring
  • Active


Tenacity describes natural persistance, conscientiousness, systematism in planning, and methodicalness. High tenacity manifests in saleswork as punctuality and meticulousness in after-sales activities.

Tenacity consists of the following traits:

  • Dutiful
  • Stress-enduring
  • Systematic
  • Judicious

The result is a personal Sales Capital profile from which the personal strengths of each person, together with possible development areas as a salesperson, can be identified. The report of the results is short, visual, and directs to action.

Myynnin Pääoma perustuu neljään tärkeimpään myyntityöhön vaikuttavaan kompetenssiin ihmisessä: Empatia, Fokus, Nälkä, Sitkeys. Nämä kompetenssit puolestaan koostuvat persoonallisuuden piirteistä ja motivaatiotekijöistä

Persoonallisuus on ajatusten, tunteiden ja käyttäytymisen muodostama kokonaisuus, joka on kullekin ihmiselle luonteenomainen ja melko pysyvä eri tilanteissa ja eri aikoina. Motivaatio puolestaan on liikkeellepanevaa ja toimintaa suuntaavaa voimaa. Myynnin Pääoman kompetenssit kuvaavat siis myyjän luonteenomaista tapaa toimia ja suunnata toimintaa. Opit tunnistamaan paremmin tilanteet, joissa voit vapaammin hyödyntää luontaisia vahvuuksiasi ja tilanteet, joissa sinulle on hyödyksi kokeilla ja opetella uusia toimintatapoja.

Myynnin Pääoman avulla opit tunnistamaan paremmin tilanteet, joissa voit vapaammin hyödyntää luontaisia vahvuuksiasi. Tunnistat helpommin tilanteet, joissa sinulle on hyödyksi kokeilla ja opetella uusia toimintatapoja. Myynnin Pääoma kuvaa persoonallisuuden osa-alueita, jotka liittyvät myyntityön kannalta olennaisimpiin luonteviin valmiuksiin ja tulokset on suhteutettu muihin myynnin ammattilaisiin

Myynnin Pääoma kertoo sinusta nimenomaan myyjänä, mutta se jättää paljon kertomatta muista elämäsi osa-alueista. Tulokset kuvaavat niitä persoonallisuuden osa-alueita, jotka liittyvät myyntityön kannalta olennaisimpiin luonteviin valmiuksiin ja tulokset on suhteutettu muihin myynnin ammattilaisiin.

What benefits does taking MINDA Sales test have?

Your self-knowledge will be increased

You will better identify your own strengths and your self-management develops

You will easier identify your own load factors easier and can better minimize them from your daily work

Your inner motivation and growth will be significantly increased

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Often asked questions

Who is the test meant for?

MINDA Sales test has been created for you who work with customers, either in sales or customer service, and wish to improve your self-knowledge.

What does MINDA Sales -test examine?

The test examines what kind of personality competencies and traits connected to them a salesperson has, compared to other salespeople. The traits examined are the kind which are usually emphasized in salespeople.

How does MINDA Sales differ from other personality tests ?

The test only examines you as regards the traits emphasized in sales and customer service. These traits are a part of your personality, but they won’t tell about your personality as a whole. The purpose is to identify your own natural strengths and development areas in situations related to sales and customer service.

The test is based on the most researched and valued (Psychologists, researchers, HR experts) personality theory and method called BIG 5.

Why does it pay to take the test?

By understanding your personality better, you can more identify your natural ways to interact and think in sales related situations.

As a result of the test, you will get your Sales Capital -profile which helps you to understand your strengths and possible needs for improvement even better than before. It is quite possible that you will also discover new strengths  in yourself.

The more you understand yourself, the better you can and know how to be yourself in different customer and sales related situations.

How will I benefit from taking the test?

As a sales person

You will identify your strengths and find out what your development areas are. This way, you can affect the load capacity of your work playing to your strengths more often, and concentrate on developing only those things that have an effect. If you have questions about some sector of your answers, ask your collegues or friends if they can identify you from the results. Often another person can verify or specify the test result.


As a non-sales person

Many tasks include customer meetings and affect customer experience even if you wouldn’t be measured by sales. In such a case, it is good to know your most characteristic ways to act in social situations also from the point of view of sales and customer service.

Where can I find the test result?

After you have taken the test, you will receive to your email a personal username and password with which you can log into your MINDA pages. On the pages, you will find the Sales Capital profile created for you based on your answers.

How will I interpret the result?

Your Sales Capital profile includes an introduction and the most important instructions for interpretation, in addition to your results. On the pages, you will also find further instructions for interpretation, along with some tips.

What should I take into account when taking the test?

Answer the questions which you will be asked when taking the test honestly and without overthinking how your answers might seem to others. If you exaggerate or belittle, your answers may become biased and you won’t get the right picture of yourself as a salesperson or an expert. No one will be able to read any specific answers to any specific questions, so you can answer the statements exactly the way you truly think.

This is not an evaluation, so you cannot win or lose in this survey. The more honest you are, the more you gain from taking this test.

What risks are there in taking the test?

The biggest risk is that you won’t recognize yourself from the test results. The biggest reason for that is ”overthinking” when taking the test or, ot the other hand, carefree typing of answers. So you should take your time when answering the statements, but also avoid thinking too much. Often the first answer that comes to mind is closest to what we really think.

What is the basis of MINDA Sales -test?

The competencies (Empathy, Focus, Hunger, and Tenacity) build on the so called five-factor i.e. Big Five model that is based on psychological trait theory, and the combinations of sub-traits belonging to them. The metric also includes some scales outside the five-factor model.

These include two motivation metrics concerning focus and hunger, a scale measuring a person’s flaunting (the need to flaunt, social boldness, seeking for social situations and being the center of attention in them), which provenly affects sales success, and the so called impression management scale which measures a person’s tendency to present a positive or desirable impression of themselves.

How will my data be preserved / used?

More information in the Privacy Policy.