Sales Capital

Why Sales Capital?

The people who work for the company and their strengths are often a more important strategic resource in company development than the economic capital.

One cornerstone of sustainable growth and success of a company is well-honed sales, and especially managing it with modern methods. A company that strives for sustainable sales performance has to take care of both its economic capital and its sales capital.

Sales Capital is based on the four provenly most important sales-affecting factors in a person:





A more precise, human-centred and data-driven strategic indicator

Sales Capital is a new human-centred and data-driven strategic sales indicator that we have developed and that is applicable to all companies. It combines the sales data of a company and MINDA sales assessment, the subject of which are the salespeople. This combination makes Sales Capital an excellent tool for the company to examine the state of its sales because it takes into account also the salespeople themselves and not only the sales figures. It brings into sales management another, human-centred dimension, which couldn’t have been attached to sales before. Every company’s sales capital is distinctive and unique because the company’s business activities and especially its salespeople always form a different whole. Therefore, every salesperson has their own personal sales capital in relation to the company.

With the help of Sales Capital, the client enterprise is able to understand the current state of its sales, that is, the salespeople’s personal strengths, areas for development, and the whole potential of sales in relation to sales results.

Myyjien voimavarojen kehittäminen valmennuksen avulla

Sales Capital enables e.g.

Training based on relevant information

Right kind of recruitments

Deeper understanding of sales

Prediction of sales