Sales Capital – More precise, human-centered and data-driven understanding of sales

Sales Capital is a human-centered and data-driven sales perspective that is applicable to all companies. It combines the sales data and MINDA Sales-assessment of the salespeople. This makes Sales Capital an excellent tool for a company to examine, understand, and manage sales.

Sales Capital is based on the four provenly most important sales-affecting factors in a person:





Sales Capital enables e.g.

Training your salespeople in a human-centered and effective way

Better management of your salespeople

Better quality recruitment

Predicting your sales more realistically

More precise, human-centered and data-driven strategic metric

Sales Capital brings into sales management a new, human-centered dimension, which couldn’t have been attached to sales before. Every company’s sales capital is distinctive and unique because the company’s business activities and its salespeople always form a different whole.

Every salesperson has their own personal sales capital profile in relation to the company. Personality is a characteristic combination of thought processes, emotions, and behaviours that is relatively stable at different times and in various situations.

Motivation in turn is a driving force that gets people going and directs their actions to certain goals. Sales Capital profile, therefore, describes the salesperson’s characteristic way to act and direct action, which will be utilized in developing their sales individually.